The Closed Loop Approach in Production Scheduling Software

CyberPlan’s “Closed Loop” suite is Cybertec’s most complete solution to support the planning and scheduling processes carried out in manufacturing companies to organize production.

Whatis CyberPlan’s Closed Loop Suite

CyberPlan Closed Loop is the ideal solution for companies that want to plan in the short, medium and long term using all finite capacity algorithms.

With this solution, a company can have the modules and features that allow it to obtain planning in the medium to long term: analysis of the availability of materials and production resources for both acquired customer orders and ongoing negotiations.

In addition, the Closed Loop suite also allows detailed scheduling in the short term, allowing the modelling of all departmental resources such as personnel, special equipment and machines present: the objective is the optimal saturation of these resources, creating work sequences on the machines and taking into account the availability of materials.

The resulting worktops are feasible and optimised in relation to production targets, thanks to the advanced finite capacity algorithms that allow the user to make the most accurate choices in a realistic way.


What the Closed Loop allows you to do

Thanks to the FCP (Finite Capacity Planning) and FCS (Finite Capacity Scheduling) modules, the Closed Loop Suite allows manufacturing companies that use it to achieve a significant improvement in the management of the production department.

These improvements are obtained both in terms of planning and scheduling, using coherent and suitable logics for each horizon.

In addition, this product suite represents the best tool for all those production companies where it is possible to manage all levels of planning in a single environment, because it allows you to use a single complete model and allows you to take advantage of all the speed and simulative power of CyberPlan.


Manage all horizons thanks to the Closed Loop

It allows the simultaneous management of all project horizons from the long to the short term. In the long term, it supports the promising order process, guaranteeing great reliability to customer requests. In the medium term it allows for strong synchronisation between materials and efficient capacity planning. Supports short-term planning by generating feasible and robust real-time plans that are commensurate with efficiency goals.

What is included in the Closed Loop

The suite includes all major APICS compliant planning algorithms such as Master Production Schedule (MPs), Material Requirements Planning (MRP) and Capacity Requirements Planning (CRP).

It also includes finite capacity planning (FCP) and finite capacity planning (FCS) capabilities that represent the true and powerful simulation engine.

The Augmented Visibility Production (AVP) function and standard integration with ERP complete the suite providing unprecedented visibility of the supply chain.


Plan production quickly and accurately

Fewer and fewer manufacturing companies are taking continuous risks about their future results by deciding to plan and schedule their production with spreadsheets created by operators and not shareable. Nowadays, in fact, the world of manufacturing has advanced and specific software solutions, evolved over the years and completely dedicated to supply chains. The CyberPlan solution brings with it the fruit of thirty years of experience aimed at supporting Italian manufacturing companies. Find out how to use this solution and quickly get great benefits by contacting an expert at your disposal.


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