Atos Consulting, European leader in digital services, partners with Cybertec

Atos and Cybertec have been collaborating for years to support customers in the most ambitious challenges by creating the best solutions for the digitalization of the Supply Chain.

Atos is a European leader in digital services with a turnover of around 12 billion euros and 100,000 employees operating in 72 countries. Through its skills, it brings digital transformation and innovation to its customers, creating enormous value for them.

To support its customers in supply chain innovation, Atos has been offering Cybertec’s Advanced Planning & Scheduling (APS) software for years. Through this collaboration of skills, leadership and technology, it is possible to support manufacturing companies around the world to achieve high levels of performance in production planning.



CyberPlan is a powerful and innovative APS that has been supporting the production planning and scheduling of thousands of companies around the world since 1991. Companies ranging from small-medium-sized companies typical of the Italian territory to large multinationals over the ocean.

The processes that manufacturing companies optimize thanks to CyberPlan are:

  • Sales & Operation Planning: to align sales activities and production capacity, favouring strategic collaboration. Maximizes the level of service thanks to the optimization of the production plan;
  • Production planning: to anticipate factory problems through advanced simulations that take into account factory, supplier and customer constraints. Increases responsiveness to production contingencies by maximising the goodness of the production plan;
  • Detailed scheduling: to create optimized factory sequences taking into account production constraints. Simultaneously take into account plant, equipment and materials. Increase production efficiency by reducing setup and lead times.

In this way, companies can stay competitive by improving some important performance indicators (KPIs):

  • Service level up to 99%: give safe and reliable delivery dates;
  • Reduction of warehouses by 53%: level the warehouse, eliminate the missing ones and reduce production lead times;
  • Increase productivity by 10%: reduce set-up times and machine downtime due to missing parts.

The companies that obtain the greatest benefits from the use of CyberPlan are all production companies from “make to order/engineering to order” to “make to stock/ assembly to order” in the most disparate sectors:  Electronics, mechanics, machines, plants, food, pharmaceutical, plant engineering, CpG.

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Just like our passion for creating powerful software, we are equally passionate about empowering and supporting our partners. In addition to software, we provide you with the guidance, support and training to help your business and its customers grow and succeed. Here’s how a partnership with Cybertec can help your business improve engagement with your customers.


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