Artsana has been planning production with CyberPlan for twenty years

APS (Advanced Planning and Scheduling), Consumer Goods Sector

Artsana Group is an international group known worldwide for its brands and products in the world of health, childhood and beauty. These are produced directly and distributed all over the world.

The group has always aimed for excellence through:

  • Research and innovation: the foundations on which the development of Artsana Group has always been based;
  • Quality: maximum attention to product quality and safety;
  • Logistics and Supply Chain: develop and deliver quality products on schedule and at a competitive cost.

To ensure its consumers always get the most out of it.

The Artsana group is characterized in the global market through its brands that have been able to conquer leading positions in the world of health, childhood and beauty over the years:

  • Chicco
  • Boppy
  • Neo baby
  • Pic solution
  • Control
  • Medical center

For twentyyears, Artsana has entrusted the planning and scheduling of its productions to Cybertec’s innovative solutions.


Manage production in make-to-stock companies

In the MTS (Make-To-Stock) production scenario, different types of products are made on the basis of a constant and known demand, it is therefore necessary to define the optimal “production mix”.

Typical challenges in managing these productions for the warehouse are:

  • align market demand with production capacities (for which it becomes necessary to align the forecast plan with production feasibility);
  • maintain a high level of service by eliminating stock outs and keeping warehouses level;
  • create production plans that take into account the availability of materials and production resources (in order to have reliable dates about the availability of items in stock).

CyberPlan makes it possible to obtain effective demand forecasts and align production with these forecasts while keeping fixed capital at an optimal level.

Specific solutions: Advanced software for planning and scheduling

Customers find Cybertec concrete support for these needs, thanks to the fact that we provide our customers with tools such as pegging and extended pegging, to have evidence of the feasibility of orders, as well as an extremely fast MRP that allows a quick calculation of the missing ones. We address the problem of saturation of centres thanks to very powerful scheduling tools, which thanks to advanced simulation capabilities allow us to minimise setup times and optimise processing sequences. It is also possible to measure and monitor the saturation level of the lines over time, to have immediate evidence of critical issues.

What makes you able to do CyberPlan and with what benefits?

CyberPlan simplifies complex planning processes by better supporting decision making. It allows the planning department to:

  • Simulate different scenarios (what-if analysis);
  • Create feasible production plans in real time considering all factory constraints (Finished capacity);
  • Continuously interact with the software to adjust the proposed plan;
  • Maximize visibility across the entire planning from demand forecast creation, to purchasing plan to work sequences

These capabilities provide manufacturing companies with the tools they need to make the best decisions by aligning production with financial, commercial, and managerial goals. Thanks to this alignment, companies bring significant benefits that allow them to increase competitiveness. In particular, the main benefits are:

  • Increased level of customer service;
  • Increase in working capital thanks to the reduction in WIP, the increase in turnover and the reduction in production lead times;
  • Increased production efficiency;

What are the features of CyberPlan?

  • DataBase in RAM that guarantees a very high speed allowing a continuous human-machine interaction;
  • What-If simulation that allows the creation of different scenarios quickly and accurately, helping to choose the best possible plan while preventing risks and profit losses;
  • Powerful algorithms that allow optimization of production and better use of available resources, reducing costs and increasing productivity;
  • High configurability that allows you to more easily model the production reality avoiding approximations and approaching the peculiarities of individual companies;
  • Optimized workspaces that bring the benefits of lean within the software ensuring you have the right information at the right time;
  • Intuitive graphics that allow you to immediately identify the critical issues of the plan and their effects, maximising the visibility and control of the entire production;
  • Integrability with any external system, allowing a linear information flow with the other tools in use;
  • Stabilityassistance and specialised advice allow you to enjoy a 360° service.

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