The best supply chain consultants are growing in Trieste

Trieste can be considered a centre of excellence in the field of management and optimisation of supply chains. In fact, almost 30 years ago, what are now considered the best production planning and scheduling solutions were born in this city; solutions that are used daily by the most important manufacturing companies in the world.

Advanced solutions for production scheduling

These solutions are made up of two very different components: the ability to develop advanced software called CyberPlan and the mix of experience and skills of Cybertec consultants.

The software component is the result of 30 years of work and investment by the Cybertec development team. Since its inception, Cybertec has focused solely on planning and scheduling for discrete and complex productions. This dedication has made it possible to test and test all kinds of techniques and solutions, from operational research to heuristic methods, preparing an advanced tool for consulting with which to create unique solutions.

The human element is the key to providing customers with the best results. Over the years the Triestine company has gained unique experience of what is truly effective in operational situations. This experience and know-how is transferred to customers through expert consulting services in the field of Supply Chain and professional, competent and available consultants.

International challenges, supported by Trieste


Create the best solutions, adapt them to the different industrial realities, follow and support multinational clients in Italian and other languages, travel and learn about new realities, relate to the C-levels, be part of a team and organize it in the best way to achieve the objectives over time and in the budgeted costs. These and many other challenges of Cybertec consultants, challenges appreciated by those who like to challenge themselves and grow in a unique and stimulating environment where teamwork is the basis of the individual’s success. 


Working at Cybertec as a consultant

But what does it mean to work at Cybertec as a Supply Chain Consultant?

It is about being part of a team of excellence that prefers teamwork to achieve goals thanks to commitment, learning and continuous growth. The consultants’ objective is to help prestigious companies improve performance, optimise processes and reduce costs, thanks to excellent solutions and their knowledge.
Cybertec consultants become talents who have a responsibility to help client companies overcome obstacles, gaining satisfaction and gratitude. People who are determined and able to motivate companies to change thanks to their passion for the Supply Chain.

Find out more about the Supply Chain Consultant position in Trieste HERE.


The opinions of the Cybertec team

Watch the Cybertec consultants’ video to hear their opinions. Contact us to find out more, get to know us and get to know you in order to find out together which job at Cybertec might be the most suitable for you.



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