5 reasons why the cloud brings innovation to the IT Manager

The reasons why cloud-based solutions allow a CIO to bring innovation within the reality in which he works are different. In fact, cloud-based solutions have several benefits, let’s analyse them.

Today, customers have increasingly higher expectations and competitors are becoming more and more assertive, the consequence is that companies try to innovate to maintain their market share. Versatility and speed in adapting to changing conditions are therefore two aspects of fundamental importance. Companies must therefore be able to transform faster than in the past, as they face extremely changing market conditions, an unpredictability typical of today’s global economy.

Organizations must therefore pay particular attention to the people, processes and technologies used, thus creating the optimal conditions for their combination to lead to success. A fundamental aspect regarding people is the work culture: it is about creating, promoting and enabling an environment in which people feel empowered to propose ideas in the first person, rather than assuming that someone else has to deal with them. Another important consideration is to create processes that support people: it is important to implement mechanisms that allow ideas to be acquired, developed and shared effectively within the company.

Technology is the basis of all this and in this area cloud computing offers new possibilities for corporate information systems. In fact, environments based on cloud technologies allow the CIO to install software applications where they work best and to move the related services if circumstances change.

The role of CIOS in business innovation

The role of information systems manager has changed over time and is now essential in promoting innovation within the company. In the past, CIOs asked themselves questions related to IT execution problems, focusing mainly on purchase and installation, but today they are increasingly asking themselves when the expected results will be achieved, they are looking for services that can be implemented quickly giving results and value even faster. It is precisely in these aspects that cloud environments are able to make a difference.


5 reasons why the cloud allows companies to innovate

First of all, the cloud allows you to get results easily and quickly, thanks to the fact that it allows you to acquire and install a solution in a much shorter time than what would happen with traditional on-premise solutions.

Secondly, the cloud allows you to bring innovation within the company. Cloud applications allow users to enjoy that amplified and intuitive user experience to which they are accustomed in the use of digital tools outside the workplace.

The third reason why the cloud proves to be able to eliminate barriers to innovation is its ability to guarantee freedom from a financial point of view. If traditional IT requires investment in advance based on needs, most cloud-based solutions are offered in the form of software as a service (or SaaS), which translates into full flexibility, optimization of long-term spending and support for major investments. In short, financial issues are no longer an obstacle to innovation, but become a strategic tool.

A further reason is that the cloud enables scalability: that is, it allows organizations to scale their resources according to business needs, without having to incur high costs and quickly. This increases flexibility, allows you to get more out of your investments, and keeps costs down if there are changes in the size or needs of your business.

Finally, the cloud gives access to some shortcuts that allow for greater speed: whether they are on-premise or as-a-service solutions, it is likely that there is already a version of what we need. This allows digital native businesses to scale quickly. Having to develop only part of the offer from scratch and being able to enrich it with already existing and tested standard components, it is possible to achieve a much faster and safer time-to-market.


The IOC as an ambassador of innovation

These five reasons are extremely important and highlight why a company and in particular a CIO should consider cloud-based solutions. In fact, the cloud can help a company bridge the gap between the current situation and innovation by offering the enabling technology that the people and processes that compose it need to achieve progress and innovation. Cloud-based solutions are the technical basis that allows the CIO to bring innovation within the company in which it operates, allowing it to achieve results quickly, with a minimum initial investment compared to on-premise, and the ability to scale.

Cloud-based planning and scheduling, with CyberPlan


The CyberPlan production planning and scheduling solution is available in a cloud-based version and as SaaS, two features that, as we have just seen, allow companies and their CIOs to innovate the programming department with planning software.

CyberPlan, thanks to new and powerful algorithms, graphic capacity and analysis of the production plan as well as what-if simulation, allows you to eliminate spreadsheets and create a unique and shared source of information. The solution for digital planning allows an integrated vision at every level of detail, a significant reduction in set-up and lead times, reduction of warehouses and the elimination of problems such as missing and delivery delays to obtain the best level of service. Learn more about the cloud-based APS solution by contacting us at this address.



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