4 Benefits of End-to-End Planning for Manufacturing Supply Chains

Leading manufacturing companies know the importance of optimizing the material flow of their operations and are active in the analysis and interpretation of the data generated by their production. Today, fortunately, all companies can enjoy the benefits offered by production planning to anticipate market flows and better respond to customer needs. The benefits of careful and consistent planning cannot therefore be overlooked for effective competitiveness.


Keeping the company’s competitiveness high

Nowadays, there are numerous factors that contribute to maintaining the company’s competitiveness: product quality, product uniqueness, market approval, speed of implementation and ability to acquire and maintain a good team.

When it comes to daily production, there is more focus on keeping the service level high, inventory levels low and ensuring that the relative turn-over is quick.

Thanks to better planning of the Supply Chain, you gain greater control over the flow of raw materials and finished products. In addition, the company is able to produce in order to meet specific demand, instead of producing blindly and then trying to reach demand by offering discounts and promotions. All this leads to an increase in profitability.


Keeping customers

Satisfying the customer’s needs makes them happy for a day, while doing it repeatedly over time allows them to earn their trust and give a greater guarantee of future profits.

It would be nice to be able to see the future, but since it is not possible you can try to get closer to it. When using demand forecasting calculations and scenario modelling capabilities you make your company ready for demand spikes and minimise the risk of stockouts at times when the customer needs you most.


Increase agility and efficiency

Having control of your production processes, from start to finish, allows you to have an agile Supply Chain that can meet the needs of your customers. Knowing what customers want and when it is of fundamental importance, in the same way it is useful to know whatis the expected level of service in order to be able to satisfy it. A supply chain planning system is a useful tool for your planners to keep track of inventory levels and demand signals.


Reduce costs

By optimizing the various aspects of production planning you can produce a realistic MPs (Master Production Schedule) on which to base all your decisions. This planning will allow you to allocate materials, plan production and schedule resources in a way that is useful to your company. By forecasting future scenarios you will be able to avoid waste of materials, obsolescence, overtime, missing and unforeseen.


Discover End-to-End Planning

Learn how to get End-to-End planning for your Supply Chain and enjoy these 4 benefits and more. Equip your planning department with a tool and solution that can perform low value-added activities, leaving planners free to focus on high value-added activities and benefit from simulating future scenarios and finite-capacity scheduling. Contact a Cybertec expert and ask them your questions.

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