2017: a year of Industry 4.0, digitalisation and innovation

2017 has just ended and we will surely remember it as the year of industry 4.0, digitalization and innovation of manufacturing companies.

To remember its challenges, ambitions and successes, we report below the 3 articles most appreciated by all of you.

Scheduling software in the electromechanical sector: the Came Spa case

In this article we have told the success story of an important production company in Vicenza in the electromechanical sector in the implementation of CyberPlan as a production scheduler. Interview with Stefano Rossato, General Manager who tells us what the challenges were, and what the results obtained with the project already in the short term.

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Digital transformation: how to maximise investments for a digital company

It is now evident how digital technologies are about to create great changes in all contexts, including industrial ones. One of the areas most subject to profound changes is that of production planning.

Are we really aware of what the hidden risks of digital transformation are? Let’s discover them together to avoid them, maximizing the benefits of digital innovation.

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Artificial intelligence and production scheduling

According to a study by Fortune Knowledge Group “82% of executives plan to implement artificial intelligence in the next three years“.

However, to effectively put AI to work, we must first agree on what AI is or is not.


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