+14% service level in 4 months by optimizing production planning processes

We know that the level of service is an increasingly important driver for the competitiveness of manufacturing companies. To ensure the highest level of customer service, it is essential to optimise production planning and scheduling processes using expert and specialised software.

Focus on one goal: maximum level of service

A leading international company in the production of professional high-pressure washing accessories has relied on CyberPlan to manage production planning. The main objective was to ensure an excellent level of service to customers. For this reason, they felt the need to rationalise the architecture for production scheduling, optimising the time dedicated to it by increasing flexibility and speed of response to the market. 

After a careful analysis of the performance indicators, the Cybertec team has proposed a series of actions aimed at reorganising and streamlining the planning process that the company has immediately embraced. The numerous auxiliary systems to the management system (in particular numerous Excel sheets) have been eliminated, moving from operations for emergencies to one for exceptions.


CyberPlan increased service level by 14% in 4 months

Thanks also to the will of the client company’s team, in just four months since the implementation of CyberPlan, it was possible to register an increase in the service level of 14% which continued to rise in the following months. In addition to achieving the primary objective, the time needed to create production plans and search for information has been greatly reduced. Urgencies in production are now only a sporadic event and are handled excellently by the planning team. 

The company has gone from working on numerous Excel sheets to a single tool integrated into the management system that allows you to launch simulations of the entire factory in a few seconds by evaluating the impacts of the various scenarios.


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