PwC and CyberPlan to support manufacturing companies

The CyberPlan platform was chosen by PwC Italia to strengthen and optimize the supply chain planning of manufacturing companies

Cybertec and PwC Italia, an organization that offers professional services to companies, announce the start of the collaboration that leads to the union of PwC’s skills and know-how with the robust CyberPlan supply chain planning platform. The collaboration was formalized with an alliance agreement between PwC and Cybertec, the flagship company of the Zucchetti group. The alliance allows PwC Italia customers to access a platform built on more than thirtyyears of projects developed to solve problems in the field of supply chain planning and PwC to support its customers in the manufacturing field thanks to the technological and calculation capabilities of the CyberPlan software.

An alliance between consultancy and advanced solutions

Cybertec, a company active in the creation of software for the planning and scheduling of production, and PwC Italia, a leader in the provision of professional services to companies, have formalized a collaboration to support companies at every level of the transition from “traditional” planning carried out through spreadsheets, to “modern” planning carried out thanks to CyberPlan’s advanced software.

Added to this is the possibility for manufacturing companies to have PwC support throughout the project management process, from the identification and documentation of customer requests to the evaluation of the processes and technologies used, up to alignment with business objectives. The increase in the complexity of markets and supply chains on a global scale has led to a constant increase in the need for effective tools to optimally and sustainably manage the production department. This alliance facilitates the adoption of software tools to plan and schedule production.

PwC Italia will offer full competence and autonomy in the implementation of the CyberPlan software, combining consultancy and project management skills with the technical ones necessary to implement the software, integrating it perfectly with existing information ecosystems.

These objectives of PwC are related to those of the company of the Zucchetti group: “The ultimate goal of this collaboration for Cybertec is to combine the CyberPlan software with a consultative process capacity.” Alice Kirchner – Sales director of Cybertec.

PwC, local knowledge and global organization

PwC is an international network with over 364,000 professionals operating in over 150 countries around the world. In Italy, it has 24 offices and over 9,000 professionals committed to providing innovative and quality answers to complex problems. PwC provides a wide range of services in an integrated and multidisciplinary way and the strength of the group lies in being able to combine knowledge of local markets with a global organisation. What binds PwC professionals together is the common purpose, the purpose: “To build trust in society and solve important problems.” PwC Italia has chosen CyberPlan to support its customers’ supply chains, recognizing in the software platform the ability to offer solutions for the corporate supply chain at 360°, from demand planning to detailed scheduling, passing through solutions that use Demand Driven logic.

CyberPlan, the supply chain planning platform

The CyberPlan platform, the Zucchetti Group’s flagship solution in the supply chain and built on over thirtyyears of experience, is the ideal choice for companies that want a solution that can best support them today and during future evolutions of business scenarios. In fact, the great adaptability of the product makes it possible to adapt the software to changes in production layout or product manufacturing logic. At the same time, the suite boasts several solutions, starting from the same central core:

  • Demand Planning and S&OP (Sales and Operations Planning) – to plan customer demand and align it with the production department,
  • APS (Advanced Planning and Scheduling) – to plan and schedule production,
  • Demand Driven – to perform Demand Driven MRP and Demand Driven S&OP calculations,
  • Resilient Service Planning (RSP) – to plan staff projects and activities.

The CyberPlan platform, combined with PwC’s know-how, is therefore the ideal solution to support manufacturing companies in their evolution. “We are proud to have signed this alliance, the result of a collaboration in place for several years. We are experiencing a historical period in which there is great attention to the revision and improvement of supply chains and this alliance is the demonstration of how CyberPlan plays a leading role in this transformation process for companies.” Alice Kirchner – Sales director of Cybertec. The constant growth, in terms of turnover, in Italy and abroad, together with the growth of partners, make CyberPlan the most widespread and recognized APS solution on the Italian market as well as an increasingly important player abroad. CyberPlan is part of an extended offer, aimed at manufacturing companies, which is headed by Zucchetti and which includes important products such as OperaMES, Replica Sistemi and AWMS, which together create a unique offer for supply chains in Europe.

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